What is Play Therapy?

Play is a natural way children (age 2-12) experience their world, and is a vital part of a their growth and development. When children play, they are able to experience ways to problem-solve, communicate, and express themselves. In Play Therapy, children utilize their natural form of language, using toys as their words and play as their language. Children’s play is simply a metaphor for their world. Allowing them to play out their experiences in a safe environment elicits expression of thoughts and feelings. Play Therapy provides an opportunity to address issues or concerns that are affecting children’s development or other concerns that may be hidden. Tailoring Play Therapy appropriate to your child’s developmental age is the most effective form of counseling.


How Play Therapy Helps

While you may feel your child is “just playing” in the therapy process, your child is working to implement healthy ways to cope with feelings. If your child is acting out in school and at home, your child is struggling to tolerate uncomfortable feelings. In Play Therapy, your child will work to better identify those feelings and in turn will be better able to communicate and appropriately express emotions.

Through Play Therapy,

children are encouraged to:

  • Build trust and learn empathy for others
  • Gain mastery skills to increase confidence
  • Try new things and learn acceptable behaviors
  • Work through problems and help regulate emotions
  • Develop coping skills to reduce anxiety
  • Engage in creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Engage in open communication of thoughts and feelings
  • Recognize strengths to elevate spirit and self-esteem

Does My Child Need Play Therapy?

Typically parents seek help when they feel at a loss for how to help their child. If you are feeling inadequate as a parent or are struggling with what to do to help your child, you may consider Play Therapy. Anxiety in kids in addition to depression in kids can be reduced through Play Therapy. Children’s behaviors usually change when something happens they don’t know how to handle. You may see an increase in anger or aggression or a decrease in happiness. These are indicators your child may benefit from Play Therapy. Our Brave Space office is conveniently located near Frisco, TX and Plano, TX for Play Therapy!


What is a Registered Play Therapist?

A Registered Play Therapist (RPT) is a mental health professional with training and experience working with children and families through the use of play therapy. An RPT has completed additional training, met specific criteria, and is registered through the Association for Play Therapy. Our Registered Play Therapists in Plano, TX are conveniently located to help support you!

Learn more about Play Therapy in the Parents Corner from the Association for Play Therapy.

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