Teen Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

Well, your teen has done it again. You’re annoyed, frustrated, irritated, sad, and quite frankly, pissed off. You wonder where your sweet, loving child went as you think back to the “good ol’ days.” Now, your teen talks back, is moody, and gives you the cold shoulder. They’re glued to their phone and never seem to leave their room. You’ve tried to limit screen time, but they keep finding a way to sneak it back and you’ve just decided it’s not worth the battle.

But you’re worried.

You’re not sure if they even have any friends and their grades are slipping. You’ve googled about teen depression and anxiety in teenagers looking for clues to help you dig them out of their hole and back into your family.

You need more than self-help resources and want to reestablish your bond with your kid before they’re out of your house and on their own.

At Brave Space in Plano, TX we tailor our teen therapy approach to best fit your kid. Whether they are into art, music, games, or just talking, we’ve got you covered. We provide both expressive arts and sandtray therapy for your teen who seems to refuse to talk. They will have a safe place in counseling to openly express their thoughts and feelings to decrease symptoms of not only anxiety and depression, but also increasing effective communication, responsibility, and independence

And while your teenager is trying to write you out of their life, we won’t. You are part of the process. You will receive your own support through parent consultations, exploring ways to better connect with your child. You may also be invited to join your teen’s therapy session for family therapy as needed or requested by you or your child.

Teen Therapy Helps Resolve:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Peer Relationships
  • Parent Conflict
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • School Problems

When the brain is under remodeling, teens can struggle with finding their path. Your teen’s therapist at Brave Space Counseling can help form and strengthen healthy paths to increase future success. 


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